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Mamaroneck Water Damage

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Mamaroneck Water Damage

Has Your Home or Business in Mamaroneck, NY Suffered Water Damage?

Coming home from work, a trip to the store or vacation to find your home and much of your belongings under water can be devastating. Water damage can be much more destructive than what it appears to be at first and even a small amount of water leakage can cause massive amounts of damage. As any Mamaroneck, NY area home or business owner already knows, acting quickly is the best way to save more of your belongings, and more of your home, from ruin. In fact, a single leak from a typical ½” water pipe in your home can saturate several rooms in your house in just minutes causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage while you are away.

When Fixing Water Damage, Speed Is Critical

Why is time of the essence?

  • Soggy, wet materials can form the perfect breeding ground for mold and other dangerous microbes. Mold loves moisture and it will grow anywhere it has a chance. Once you have mold in your home, it can be time consuming and expensive to remove it.
  • Evaporating water vapor can saturate other surfaces and structures that weren’t directly affected causing secondary damage. The water damage isn’t just on you floors and baseboards; evaporation and seepage can cause the water damage to spread leaving you with nothing to do but watch.
  • Toxic mold spores can colonize wet spaces rapidly and it doesn’t take much for them to take hold and grow to incredible sizes. Getting the area dry as quickly as possible is the best way to fight mold spores.
  • Water damage goes well beneath the surface. Wet materials can be destroyed quickly, wooden floors can buckle and warp, vinyl can peel and sheetrock can fall apart. The longer the area is wet, the more underlying damage is being done.

Address Water Damage Cost-Effectively and Efficiently

If your home has water damage, contact the experienced team of clean-up professionals at United Restoration Services, Inc. We can solve any water damage issues your home has. Whether your roof is leaking or a pipe burst in one of your walls:

  • Our technicians are on call 24/7/365 to deal with your crisis.
  • We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every home restoration project we complete.
  • Our technicians are IICRC certified (you can learn more about what that means here).
  • We can provide a free evaluation, including a written estimate of what work we believe needs to be done and why. No other clean-up service does that!
  • Call us now at 1 (800) 959-1188, or email our team at: to get started.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

When you call United Restoration Services, Inc., you know that you are getting the best Mamaroneck, NY area home and business clean up services around. We begin every clean-up project with our United Restoration Safety First Approach. We perform an initial safety assessment to determine which areas of your home or business need the most attention and how we can safely stop any more damage from occurring. We get to the root of the problem and start there. Our advanced technology enables us to create a moisture map of the damaged area using electrical resistance measurement and thermal imaging. Thermal imaging helps to give us an overall view of the water damaged areas, while electrical resistance measurement can then more accurately tell us just how wet each area has become.

Armed with this information, our team will develop a strategy for the effective, and efficient, clean up of your home or business. This will involve the removal of any standing water and then the moisture removal to facilitate evaporation. We will begin moving the air and mechanically removing water vapor using a combination of refrigerant or desiccant dehumidification along with air movers, and placing the equipment according to the guidelines of the ‘moisture map’.

As soon as we have the water removed, we will begin the cleaning process which entails cleaning, packing, moving and discarding anything that stands in the way of our team completing their mission of removing ALL water from the area. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff has the experience to allow you as much or as little involvement in the entire process as you would like and we won’t call a job complete until you are completely satisfied.

35+ Years of Experience and Tested, Honed Processes

Having worked on thousands of jobs throughout the Mamaroneck, NY area including complex and intricate projects, United Restoration Services, Inc. has the time tested experience you can count on. We utilize state-of-the-art drying and dehumidification techniques that are designed to protect your floors, documents, sensitive electronic equipment and furniture while still allowing us to do our job effectively and in a time conscious manner. Our knowledgeable staff of clean-up experts know how to minimize errors while maximizing customer satisfaction.

You can immediately stop water damage and start the clean-up process. Here are some ideas:

  • Turn off any power supplies or electrical appliances near areas that have gotten wet. A better practice would be to turn of the breaker to the affected area to be sure that no one plugs anything in or tries to turn on an appliance. Electrical shock can kill.
  • Never operate a piece of electrical equipment while standing in a puddle or on a wet area.
  • If in doubt – stay out! Make sure that what you are going to do is safe and that neither you nor your family is in danger.
  • If you are able to, turn off any water source that you believe could be causing the leak. You should have one main water shutoff valve in your home; it is a good idea to learn where it is in case of an emergency.
  • Mop and bale excess water. Remove as much water as possible; you will be surprised at how much water you can move with just a bucket.
  • Accelerate the drying process by removing items like paintings, furniture, electronics and clothes from the wet area.
  • Take action, sooner than later. A few extra hours of delay can cause the problem to spread and make your job more expensive and more complex to fix.

When you want property damage clean up and you want it done right the first time, trust in the experts at United Restoration Services, Inc. We will complete your project on time, within budget and to your satisfaction and we offer a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee and promise to have any or all of your questions answered promptly. Call us now at 800-959-1188 for a free consultation.

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