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Fire and Smoke Damage

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Fire and Smoke Damage

Fixing Your Home or Business After Fire or Smoke Damage

If you have recently been the victim of a disastrous fire in your home or business, United Restoration Services, Inc. wants to help you clean-up and begin putting your life back together. And we want you to know that this process needs to begin right away to prevent further damage to your building or your property. Long after the flames have been extinguished, many dangers may still lurk at the site:
  • Your building’s structure could be dangerously comprised.
  • Particles of smoke and soot may have gotten into sensitive electronic equipment, such as TVs and computers, and caused damage.
  • Lingering smoke and soot can directly harm people who breathe it in.
  • The associated water damage can create conditions for the growth of mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

Why You Need to Respond Rapidly (But Safely) After Fire Damage

The best course of action is to act quickly and responsibly. Minimizing damage to your property is important and to do so, you need to contact a professional clean up and restoration service immediately. United Restoration Services, Inc. employs a full staff of Certified Restores (CR) and IICRC Trained Technicians who can help make your space livable and whole again. Our team has gone through extensive, intense training to know how to manage complex fire and smoke damage and we can work with your insurance company to ensure that your clean-up is executed on budget, on spec and on time.

Can You Do the Job Yourself?

Clean up and restoration after a fire is a very intensive process that is best left to professionals who have the knowledge and skills needed to complete the process in a timely and thorough manner. Homeowners or property managers can be tempted to try to clean up and repair smoke and fire damage themselves. This can be a big mistake:
  • Smoke and fire restoration is delicate, intense work. The team that handles your project should be highly experienced and up to speed on the latest, most widely accepted industry practices.
  • A mediocre or inexact job can expose you to liability and lead to health problems for you, your family or your employees.
  • You must comply with government’s Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Standards, which are complex.

The United Restoration Services, Inc. Difference

United Restoration Services, Inc. employs only the best of the best. We ensure that every technician on our team is highly trained and ready to accept any challenge. We provide detailed, free written estimates, and our technicians are on call whenever you need us. We understand that time is of the essence and we want you to know that by choosing United Restoration Services, Inc., you are taking the first step in getting your home, and your life, back. Call us today for a free consultation and let us show you what needs done and why. Then, we’ll get right to work making your home or business like new again. United Restoration Services, Inc. stands behind our work, and we have built a reputation in the New York Tri State area for our attention to detail and dedication to quality service.

How the Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Process Works

The smoke and fire damage restoration process is a lengthy and thorough one that is best achieved by a systematic approach. The experienced professionals at United Restoration Services, Inc. begin by completing a detailed assessment of your property to identify the nature, scope and intensity of the damage. Fires often create a constellation of problems, including damage from water, moisture, heat, smoke, chemicals and many other factors associated directly or indirectly with the fire itself. This analysis will help us to develop and effective strategy that will enable us to stop any additional damage, repair the damage to your property, dispose of all non-restorable materials and help you get your life back to normal. United Restoration Services, Inc. uses the latest HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) scrubbers to restore air quality and extract contaminants from the damaged area. Our technicians are certified by the IICRC and will provide extensive documentation as well as photograph and manage the clean-up and restoration process from start to finish. If water has damaged your furniture, clothing or other property, United Restoration Services, Inc. will use advanced water extraction, drying and cleaning methods to restore your valuable belongings to like new. Homeowners must be prepared for the total loss of some items. Furniture and other property that was seared, charred or burned may not be salvageable; but we can remove, clean, protect, pack and preserve valuables that survived the fire, such as equipment, electronics and sensitive documents, and store them in a safe, secure location until you need them. We can also deodorize areas to eliminate ongoing odors during the restoration process. In addition, we can board up your business or house to protect the property against vandals and trespassers, and to secure it against bad weather and the elements.

Tactics and Strategies: What to Do After a Fire and Smoke Emergency

If fire or smoke damaged your property, consider the following tips:
  • First make sure what you are going to do is safe. If in doubt – stay out!
  • Before returning to the building, ask the Fire Marshal if you are cleared to do so, that way you won’t accidentally get hurt or injure someone else.
  • Use common sense and avoid areas that might be dangerous.
  • Avoid using electrical equipment that might have been damaged by flames or smoke and never, ever, operate a piece of electrical equipment while standing in a puddle or on a wet area: you could get a shock that could seriously hurt or kill you.
  • Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as a filtration respirator to avoid inhaling particulates, gloves, boots with a steel shank, etc.
  • Ventilate the property, if it’s not raining or snowing, by opening windows.
  • Document the damage in as much detail as you can; use pictures and written accounts.
  • Itemize a list of valuables damaged or destroyed (for your insurance company and to help with replacement).
  • Talk to your insurance adjuster before disposing of, removing, replacing or fixing anything.
When you want property damage clean up and you want it done right the first time, trust in the experts at United Restoration Services, Inc. We will complete your project on time, within budget and to your satisfaction and we offer a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee and promise to have any or all of your questions answered promptly. Call us now at 800-959-1188 for a free consultation.

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