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Lead Abatement Services

Permanently Eliminate Lead-Based Hazards

Lead Abatement Services

United Restoration Services is certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for lead based paint abatement, and we take pride in safeguarding the health and well-being of our community. We have been licensed and certified in lead abatement for the past several years and have conducted numerous abatements throughout NYC, to the great satisfaction of our clients. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide exceptional services to our clients by maintaining safe and healthy living environments, we are well equipped to address lead-based hazards within your properties. Many older buildings still contain lead-based paint, making abatement essential for maintaining safe living environments.

Lead abatement is crucial for obvious reasons, but there have been major new Legal Requirements in New York City, and Property Managers of rental buildings constructed before 1960 must comply with these legal standards. Effective August 9, 2020 – NYC Local Law 31 mandates New York City property owners and managers take appropriate steps to test for and remove lead hazards in rental units. 

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Why choose us:

  • Expertise: Our team of professionals are licensed and certified in lead abatement techniques and follow industry best practices.
  • Safety Measures: We prioritize safety during the abatement process. Proper containment, ventilation, and abatement techniques are integral to our approach.
  • Clear communication: We will keep you informed about any changes throughout the process from our initial inspection to final clearance testing. Clear communication ensures minimal disruption.

How can you benefit?

  • Compliance with local laws.
  • Fast and free estimates. 
  • Reduced health risks associated with lead exposure.
  • Enhanced property value and appeal.
  • Peace of mind knowing that we prioritize your well-being.
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Lead Abatement & Restoration Services in New York